Client Testimonials

The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society was a great help to us. From the beginning, MFPS was nothing but professional. After coming to our site for an initial walk through, the team agreed to come, free of charge, for a full overnight investigation.


The investigating team arrived promptly at the scheduled time and quickly began setting up their equipment. The investigation was very thorough and MFPS was sure to create detailed documentation of everything they did.


The Munroe Falls Paranormal Society is a great asset to those in need of paranormal research. Their greatest attribute is skepticism. While team members undoubtedly believe in a world beyond our own, they are not quick to blame the paranormal for all problems. MFPS knows that sometimes explanations other than spirit activity exist for seemingly paranormal events . This is truly the mark of a professional team.


MFPS was a pleasure to work with. Our personal situation was not one of dire need — but rather an explanation for some curious activity. The team uncovered some great historical information and documented some interesting events during their investigation.


Simply put, forget what you see on TV — MFPS is the real deal.



— Ryan Wilkinson

For 25 years we have had unsettling events in our home. Friends and relatives had lots of suggestions, ranging from a few weeks in the psych ward, the local priest, and lots of candles. Each and every one of our family had experienced contact with an entity in our home.


But, it wasn’t until we contacted the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society that we felt vindicated. We weren’t crazy, we hadn’t imagined the unexplainable sounds, foot steps, voices. Eric and his crew came into our home and treated us like we had a reasonable problem. They even made us feel a little more comfortable living with our spirit.


The service they provide has been invaluable for our peace of mind.



— Marty

Dear MFPS,


We would like to thank you for coming out to investigate at the Farnam Manor this past weekend.


We are very impressed with the professionalism that your team displayed during the investigation!


Built in 1834, the Farnam Manor has over 175 years of history. It is our goal to promote the history of this mysterious relic. There are many resident spirits at the Manor. The spirits that are here have an attachment to the house in one way or another, and we wish to treat them with respect. We commend you on the scientific approach that was taken during the investigation.


There is a message written on the north chimney of the manor which reads ” Love and Cherish this Classic Domain, for I shall go but it will remain. Please take care of it for me for it is a part of history” The MFPS team has helped immensely in our mission to care for the Farnam Manor and to promote it’s beauty and spirit!


Again, our sincere thanks!



Farnam Foundation

Dear Eric, and all members of the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society,


Thank you, and the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society for coming to Century Home Antiques last night for the paranormal investigation. We all enjoyed your company, and were very much impressed with your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. The investigation was very well conducted and very thorough, with special attention payed to the courtesy and respect of the client, the property, and the possible entities involved at the site.


Very best,


Frank J. Artino,

June Kleinsorge,

Mark Demario,


and Freddie, the “friendly” turkey! – (gobble-gobble!)

[Letter in Part – Private details left out]


Thank you guys again for making our house feel safe for our children. Everytime I hear something or see something abnormal I think of all of you at MFPS and am so thankful you could help us. Merry Christmas. I know it has been a rough year for you so I hope the next year brings you many blessings and happiness.



[Facebook Post – Private details left out]


IM SO TIRED OF THE MEMEMEME IM FIRST STEP ON OTHERS THAT IVE GIVEN UP ON MOST PEOPLE. Eric Haney you and I met when u helped me with my haunting. Activity almost zero. If you ever need a hand let me know. Its nice not to fear your own home anymore. People like you need to be valued and learned from. Thank you is never enough in my book.



[Facebook Post – Private details left out]


I can’t say enough wonderful things about you guys. You helped my family a few years ago and more importantly helped my daughter not be scared. And while we still have “friends” that are here in my home, no one is scared or feels threatened. Thank you so much.



[Thankyou Card – Names Changed to protect – Edited for privacy]


Dear MFPS,


We owe you a very overdue and sincere thank you for all of your help last fall. You gave us our home and more importantly, our little girl back! Words cannot express our gratitude. Stacey has been happily sleeping in her own room since you were there. She still wanted Chelsey to share a room, which was ok since the new baby will be in the nursery soon anyway.


Stacey even plays in her room on her own and wants to show all her friends and family every time someone comes over. She actually likes her room now! She still sleeps with the shell in her bed or nearby on her nightstand.


Thank you for giving her a special comfort object to help her feel safe. She loves it! We only hear about the entity occasionally (every couple months), but it is to tell us that he went away. She lets us know he isn’t around anymore. We hope to never have to call you again, but if needed, you are the only choice and would highly recommend you to anyone in need of your type of services.


Again, we appreciate all you did for our family, your help and professionalism.


Sincerely, Martin, Cheryl, Stacey & Chelsey Smith

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“The MFPS team is so professional. I can’t tell you how impressive their investigators are. They look for the history, foremost, and don’t leave any stone unturned.”


Christine Benedict, Author – Award Winning Novel: Mystery Thriller “Anonymous”