What Can This Be?

Recent picture of second creature washed up in Long Island N.Y.

Strange Animal?

The deceased body of a strange looking creature has recently washed up on shore in Long Island, N.Y. A similar creature washed up on a beach in Ditch Plains, Long Island last summer. There have been many theories as to what this may be ranging from a biological experiment to a elaborate hoax. Now that a second beast has washed up it raises some new and interesting possibilities. What can this be? Is it fake or real?
The picture below was taken May 6th in Southold , N.Y. by Nicky Papers the founder of the blog Montauk-Monster.com after being contacted by the couple that discovered it.
Recent picture of second creature washed up in Long Island N.Y.
Recent picture of second creature washed up in Long Island N.Y.
The photo is very interesting but I am not sure what to make out of it!
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  1. Most likely a dead bloated animal. Ocean currents would have carried this animal to the beach (Long Island) easily as it sticks out into the Altantic coast and in the middle of the ocean current. Currents in the northern hemisphere move to the right and the Atlantic is no exception. The current moves up from Florida and deposits warm water into the north Atlantic while cool water finds it way down through eastern Europe down to Africa.

    The rumor and suspicion about the animal “escaping” or being tossed from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center is next to impossible as well. The disease center is north of Long Island and anything that were to go into the water in that area would most likely end up in the Martha’s Vineyard area, but would definately not be able to travel south in the current.

    The appearance of the animal is deceiving due to lack of scale in the photo (as pointed out by Eric of MFPS) as well as its bloated appearance and lack of body fur/hair due to the ravages of the ocean. This new animal seems to have been in a higher state of decomposition than the photos we saw in 2008.

    There also lies the possibility that this animal is a fabrication based upon the first animal we saw last year. I doubt this as the body looks genuine, but in the age of video and photo trickery I would not doubt the attempt.

  2. This story is ongoing. Apparently the specimen is at a undisclosed location on ice. I’m not sure if it has been seen by anyone who is qualified to examine the body or not. If so, it should be week or so for testing to tell what it is.

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