Hudson Haunted House Investigation Great EVP Captured!

During our investigation of the Hudson Haunted House, MFPS was conducting an EVP session late into the evening when a question was asked directed towards Chuck to move the Rat which was a rubber prop used in effects at the house. The response we later heard on our recorder was fascinating to say the least! When asked to move the rat, we recorded a male voice that stated, “Why Me, Why Not You”. This was not heard during the session and after learning of the EVP we scrutinized the team present, location, and all NVR video footage to make sure that no contamination was possible. Furthermore, the recorded EVP had many of the characteristics of EVP’s captured in the past such as embedded in the noise floor, pitch, level and acoustical sound. We can’t say for sure this is Chuck, but we can tell you that it was a direct male response to our question asked at the time. Considering the history of the Hudson Haunted House and the love Charles had for this place, we feel that it is quite possible, this is an EVP from Charles. May he rest in peace.

Charles Olander Horner
December 2, 1964 – September 2, 1988

Here is the video from our Youtube channel!

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