Massillon Case# 00251 Investigation Return

On friday April 17th we returned to a case in Massillon Ohio (Case#: 00215) for a followup investigation. Our first trip to Massillon was very eventful through the entire evening. We encountered voices, footsteps, object movement and captured various audio and video anomalies. The second trip was organized to try and test a few theories and try and reproduce some of the anomalies that were captured and witnessed. The evening was very quiet, in fact most of the team including myself had made the comment that the environment felt different than the first visit. It was as if the house was clean and void of all energy that was felt during the first visit.

We all know that ghosts do not work on cue and activity can be cyclical. It is most interesting that during our first visit we noted that their were higher levels of atmospheric ionization than there was during the second trip. This may have contributed to the increased activity during the first visit. Regardless, it was more disappointing for the client than it was for us because they are genuinely interested in knowing more detail as to what periodically haunts their home.

We need to go over all our evidence from the second visit, if anything of interest is found we will update the website and blogs.

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I am the Founder & Lead Investigator for MFPS. My experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. I currently hold a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.
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