Shadow People

Shadow People

by Michelle Caduff

Shadow people or shadow beings are a paranormal phenomenon that is even listed in updated encyclopedias. Shadow people are described as black or grey silhouettes lacking eyes, a mouth and facial expressions. Although some individuals report that they have seen shadow beings with red or yellow eyes. Shadow people lack mass and appear distorted and vaporous. They are viewed as two-dimensional and distorted and are known to be very quick and disjoined in movement. Others have described their movement like a ‘dance’ from one wall to the next.

Commonly, observers report that the shadow beings appear at the corner of their eyes or at the edge of their field of vision. Peripheral vision is connected to the brain that recognizes patterns. Seeing in peripheral state, the brain does not process as detailed as [macular] or center- forward vision; hence, a condition known as pareidolia can develop. Pareidolia incorrectly interprets random pattern of light as being familiar patterns such as faces. In infancy, we learn to recognize faces for the purpose of developing social skills.  Shadow people are not to be confused with ghosts or spirits. When Shadow people seem to know that they have been noticed, the beings move into walls. Ghost and spirit resemble actual people. More individuals reported seeing the beings for a longer period of time than first reported.  Shadow people have been observed for centuries in just about every culture.

Shadow people have been described to be menacing. Some accounts described being chased and attacked by these beings, resulting in bruises. Also a feelings of dread is associated with the presence of this phenomena when it occurs. The feeling of dread can be explained by a physiological condition known as hypnagogia. Hypnagogia occurs when a person is part way between sleeping and waking. Visual hallucinations are associated with hypnagogia.

Another scientific explanation is the theory of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields interfere with the function of the temporal lobe; therefore, the electromagnetic field creates an altered state of perception in which visual and auditory hallucinations occur. Shadow people have been reported more often in the 21 century. They appear in mirrors. Some of the beings have an odor. Some people have described shadow people as being gigantic in size. Some shadow people seem to be watchers, holding what appear to be a leash and some breed of shadow dogs.  Others view shadow people as crawlers or climbers. These shadows do not seem to have much intelligence and they act very animalistic in their behavior.

Remember the previous article on String Energy? Many people think that the beings are astral bodies, time travelers, or inter-dimensional beings. As the String theory proclaim, an inter dimensional being lives in another dimension, possibly the bulk universe, which runs parallel to our plane . It is a belief that once in awhile the shadow people’s dimension crosses over into our dimension.  As previously stated, the beings exist in our dimension appear distorted or vibrating. This theory describes who the shadow people are in accordance to quantum level similar to string energy theory.

“The Secret War”, Heidi Hollis explores a fascinating theory about Shadow people.  Ms. Hollis writes that there is a war going on between different alien races. This is one explanation for the activity. Some houses seem to attract shadow people. There is no speculation why some houses seem to be haunted by these beings. Cats and dogs are known to react nervous around the apparition.

Most viewings are very disturbing. Are shadow people evil? It is an unexplained phenomenon. We think of them as a dark entity or being evil, because of folklore or religion. The International Ghost Hunters Society suggests that Shadow people are not evil. The group explains the entities to be shapes of the dead. According to the ghost group, they have documented and video taped Shadow People.  The Ghost Hunters Society website is

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