InstrumentalTrans Communication, Modern Day Snake Oil???

ITC (InstrumentalTrans Communication), lately this buzz word has been flying around a lot in the paranormal community and even new ITC products are being introduced to the market! ITC is not a device but rather a method that uses electronic devices such as radios, ovilus, scanners, TV’s, iPhones and more to attempt to communicate with spirits. I believe the basis behind this method of communications is the modern day electronic equivalent of using the ouija board or spirit board. The devices using this method are suppose to allow the entity present to communicate with the user by manipulating the EMF, RF Frequencies and sensitive electronics and sensors that these devices employ for operation and then display/speak words or other feedback to the user based on collected values.

For example, lets examine the iPhone and an applications for the iPhone called Ghost Radar. This application can be found on iTunes and appears to be consistently in the Top 25 Paid apps section. According to the author, Ghost Radar is a serious utility using a special algorithm that looks for unnatural anomalies by polling various sensors the iPhone employs for operation.

Considering many members of the MFPS team use smart phones such as the iPhone we have decided to evaluate Ghost Radar and other ITC devices such as a Ghost Box, Ovilus and more. We have been testing and evaluating these devices using the ITC method on several investigations and thus far it can be said with confidence that these devices should not be used as a valid tool for paranormal research at this time. On occasion such as a test we conducted in the cell of “Red Snyder” at Moundsville State Penitentiary, we do get strange feedback that can be questionable at best. The odd patterns of spoken words from Ghost Radar can be trigger’s which can physiologically lead the investigator on a wild goose chase when in reality there was no entity present.

I fear that the growing use of these ITC methods will cause a dependancy to have the need to use them because it can be quite satisfying to the user to believe that he or she is actually communicating with a spirit or entity of some sort. To date these devices remain highly controversial and heavily debated in the paranormal community and I feel will continue to be debated for many years to come. Our opinion of these methods and devices are met with heavy speculation, although we will continue to evaluate and collect data on their use on various cases we feel that it will probably never amount to much.

What do you think about these devices and ITC? We would like to hear your comments!

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I am the Founder & Lead Investigator for MFPS. My experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. I currently hold a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.
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