Apparition of a Dog or Pareidolia?

Image of Bailey, he passed away last April

We received this case from a family that just recently lost their beloved dog named Bailey. The owner was stunned to see what appeared to be the spirit or reflection of his dog Bailey in a photo that was taken around the recent holiday’s. He contacted MFPS and asked us to help him understand this photo and verify that what he was seeing could potentially be an apparition of his deceased dog Bailey.

After reviewing these photos, would arrived at the conclusion that we don’t believe them to be faked or altered in anyway. We also considered pareidolia but after careful consideration the patterns had too many similarities to his dog Bailey. Our conclusion was their seems to be a genuine anomaly attached to this photo but is it really paranormal and the spirit of Bailey? We cannot conclusively state 100% certainty that it is but do however feel it deserves some further study.

The owner states that he still feels Bailey is with them, he still hears the tail banging on the couch like Bailey used to do and family members have stated they have seen glimpses of a small shadowy figure which appeared to them as Bailey. I find this case fascinating as I do other cases that we have investigated which appear to have animal spirits attached to them. This raises many questions for me such as, Do all animals have an energy signature that survives the physical body after death? Is this energy just contained to humans and animals or is it present in all biological life forms?

To view an image in higher resolution format, just click on that image…


Image of Bailey, he passed away last April
Picture 1 of Anomaly
Picture 1 of Anomaly
Picture 2 of Anomaly
Picture 2 of Anomaly (Circled)
Image of anomaly Equalized and Enhanced
Image of anomaly Equalized and Enhanced
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