Animal Spirit? Do you believe animals can haunt a house or building?

On a recent private residence investigation several investigators including my self had strange personal experiences which tend to lean towards a feline spirit. Investigators felt what appeared to be rubbing on the legs, small dark shadows representing movement much like a cat would and a sighting down a hallway by Erik which he described as a dark colored cat with amber-green eyes looking directly at him. Please keep in mind that there were no animals in the house during the investigation.

These experiences were numerous through the evening and we documented these occurrences so during evidence review this week they can be examined more thoroughly in those areas. My experience was what appeared to be a dark colored mass about the size of a cat move towards me, stop and turn around and zip away. Shawn saw something similar which he described as moving much like his cat at his home. Stephanie felt what she described as something trying to rub up against her leg which she stated startled her for a moment because she actually thought an animal was against her. Robin also experienced the touch of what she described as an animal such as a cat.

We later talked to the home owner and found out not too long ago they had 2 cats which both had to be put down. He described one cat as being dark colored with amber-green eyes!

We are currently going over evidence in this case and will report any findings after they have been reviewed.

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I am the Founder & Lead Investigator for MFPS. My experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. I currently hold a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.
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