Can Quantum Physics Ultimately Explain The Paranormal?

I would like to state that I am not a Quantum Physics Student but a Paranormal Investigator that has spent a considerable amount of time researching the possible connection between Quantum Physics and the Paranormal. I now believe that Quantum Physics may be able to explain many types of paranormal phenomena and even validate some of these occurrences.

Here is an excerpt from one of my forum posts from several months ago.

This is a theory that I have had on the potential relationship to quantum physics and the paranormal. There is much more detail on this subject and in future releases I’ll try and add more content.

When people say they has crossed over or passed away I often question, “Crossed to Where”? Does anyone really know where the spirit or this energy goes? Most religions differ on this subject but many agree that an energy of some sort moves on. What is this energy and how does it interact with our world or the next?

I propose a radical but possible theory that deals with Quantum Physics and an Infinite Inter-dimensional multi-universe. I have heard and analyzed enough EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and other evidence over time to suggest that this is a possibility. For example, EVP’s from investigations where pictures are being taken have disembodied voices that were recorded saying things such as “I See Flashes“, or “Who’s There“.

There was a case several years back where a business owner here in Ohio had several employee’s seeing an apparition of an Indian Chief. A psychic/medium was brought in to assist with communications and the spirit of the Indian Chief was asked several questions as to name, time frame and one in particular that really interested me, “Do you see this building?” Answer “No”.

This may suggest that a spirit or the energy of a being passed on may exist in a realm possibly much like ours but in another dimension that closely parallels ours. The spirit may see glimpses of our existence as energy fluctuations much like what we may see when we experience an apparition.

It may also appear that life may take on a different energy transformation from one type to another which would be a quantum shift or transfer of this energy to another slice in an infinite multi-dimensional universe. Maybe not all current living beings transform energies to human like forms in this alternate dimension, but maybe become something else. This may also explain the age old beliefs in reincarnation. It also appears that spirits as we know them from paranormal studies may not always see us either. I think that occasionally there may be a shift in this energy that from time to time causes a glimpse into that other dimension. It is also possible that they may perceive us much like we see a spirit or ghost when this fluctuation occurs. Residual energies that are recorded into the surrounding geological structures are another extremely interesting phenomena that may have a connection to Quantum Physics. These energies are seen as apparitions of people, objects and places.

An example of this would be a woman in 19th century clothing seen walking the same path in a house or building following a staircase down a hall then vanishing into a closed door or wall. The apparition of the woman never interacts with others and people that see her comment that she appears to not notice anyone around her. The key here is the recorded playback of this energy that usually takes the same path each time it is played back. I believe a Quantum event could be the possible trigger that causes the energy to be seen. This apparition is not an intelligent spirit but rather a recorded moment in time . These recorded moments in time have taken on other forms such as objects, entire rooms appearing out of place for the time period and even a story that amazes me still today of a man hiking in the woods comes to a opening in the forest and sees a valley with a village that appears hundreds of  years out of date from the current time period. He watches in amazement as this scene fades from his current reality. These stories and accounts can be found all over the world and date back many centuries into the past.

When these shifts occur they could lend to the possibility of high EM Fields and low temperatures being measured during a manifestation of an entity. Quantum physics supports in theory that time is not linear but exists all at once. This means that we move through these slices of time which appear linear to us because we base our lives on a timeline of events. But if we were to look at these events from a Quantum level things would appear radically different.

We are all made of energy, what if the energy we all know as our soul or spirit is released and can freely move to another  form or dimension, maybe this energy is governed by the Quantum Laws of the Universe and this energy lives on in that plane of existence until another event at some point triggers alternate transformations to other planes of existence. This process may go on for eternity. It is fact that the water molecules you currently drink were many of the same water molecules that the dinosaurs were drinking 65 million years ago. The water molecule which is two hydrogen atoms bound to 1 oxygen atom creates a molecule with incredible energy that can persist for thousands or even millions of years. So water molecules are never really destroyed but recycled or transformed through a chain of events that has always occurred and continues to occur all the time. The universe is a complex system of change, death and birth of different forms of energy.

The First Law of Thermodynamics is “ENERGY can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form.” This law may also help explain the transfer of energy. The MacDougall experiment in 1907 showed a small sudden weight loss in humans upon death, although much debate has been raised over these experiments they are still interesting.

All energies in the universe are interconnected such as Dark Matter and etc. I believe the study of Quantum Physics may ultimately explain many mysteries such as Life after Death, UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena. A book called PSIence that I have been reading as of late has some intriguing possibilities that could help explain the relationship between Quantum Physics and the Paranormal. The more I learn and read the more I can see a possible connection, how to explain and understand this connection is the challenge. I will no doubt post more findings as I continue to study this further.

Eric Haney

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I am the Founder & Lead Investigator for MFPS. My experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. I currently hold a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.
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