Provoking spirits, should it be practiced?

Most of us have watched at least one paranormal TV show at some point and may have seen a team of paranormal investigators provoking the spirit to get a response. Should this be an accepted practice? Absolutely not!, provoking a spirit can cause a situation in a home or place of business to become exponetially worse for the home owner or business owner and also place the investigator(s) in danger of being attacked psychologically or physically depending on the type of entity that exists at that location.

Studies show (In Theory) that a spirit can obtain many of the emotions and qualities it had when alive and these can be manifested in spirit energy and projected towards the individuals involved with the investigation and the people living at the location.

Many investigators in an effort to produce increased activity at a suspected haunted location will use these techniques. Provoking is a method of antagonizing or angering a spirit or entity by using fowl language, personal or racial remarks, poking fun at or generally degrading the suspected entity or spirit into producing a heightened response that can be recorded or experienced at the location being investigated.

For the homeowner, this practice can be disaterous. Imagine a family with children having a difficult time with a haunting in their home that they are struggling to understand. Many times these people do not really believe that this may be the case but can’t quite understand what is happening around them. After contacting a local paranormal investigative team to enter their home in hopes to try and get some answers , the team resorts to provoking to get a response then leaves the premises after the night is over potentially leaving the family with an angry, upset spirit who may take it out on the family or children.

Another scenario that concerns me is an amateur paranormal team that may be trying to make a name for itself  could fall victim to a negative spirit or in-human after provoking in the wrong location. This could lead to a life long attachment for this individual opening him up to physiological and physical attacks again depending on the entity that was encountered. It could also place the entire team in a situation that may be less than desirable.

Investigating the paranormal can be a rewarding experience and can help people that may be troubled by these occurances. It can also provide the paranormal field with valuable evidence and data if conducted properly and recorded. When conducting a vigil be kind and curteous to the suspected spirit just as you would if talking to a friend. Even if you suspect a negative spirit, utilizing a respectful and thoughtful dialog will produce better results in the long run and will not place the team and family in any more of a difficult situation than already may exist.

Is there any condition that would allow provoking? In 99.9% of the situations the answer would be no. There might be a rare instance when a paranormal investigator might use some mild provoking. In this case it should only be conducted by an experienced investigator that has had prior encounters with negative or in-human spirits. The investigator should also prepare ahead of time using his or her methods of protection. This mind, body and spirit preperation is extremley important when attempting to provoke a negative or in-human entity.

A good general rule would be to conduct your vigils and investigations in a professional, courteous manner. Do not provoke and make sure that any contact with a spirit or entity is properly documented and recorded. You should also have at least 2 people present while conducting the vigil to collaborate and assist with the vigil.

If you have any questions about conducting vigils or EVP sessions, please contact MFPS at

Good Luck and Happy Ghost Hunting!

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I am the Founder & Lead Investigator for MFPS. My experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. I currently hold a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.
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