Bobby Mackey’s Follow Up

We have completed the investigation at Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder Kentucky. Currently we are reviewing evidence and comparing notes and personal experiences. Although the heat (96 degrees) with high humidity overcome some of the investigators, it was still a great investigation. We were able to interview Bobby Mackey on camera and ask him a few question pertaining to the claims of his place being haunted. Although Bobby Mackey does not believe his place is haunted personally he does however believe the claims of his close friends and relatives.

Coming soon, we will post a detailed account of all experiences, research and evidence learned from the Bobby Mackey’s investigation. There are many interesting details that we will be excited to include in our report. Please check back often…

Eric Haney
Founder & Lead Investigator, MFPS

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I am the Founder & Lead Investigator for MFPS. My experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. I currently hold a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.
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