Akron/Canton Team

Founder/Lead Investigator

A little about Eric…


He founded the group with the intent to assist individuals with paranormal problems and provide a solid professional scientific approach to paranormal phenomena. His experience with paranormal investigation and research go as far back as the early 80's. He currently holds a position as an Electronics Engineer and Systems Programmer for a large national audio/visual company.

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Lead Investigator

A little about Scott…


Scott is a computer technician with a major retail company, with a degree in history and a long-time interest in the paranormal. He has done several investigations prior to his involvement in the MFPS. Scott has a strong knowledge of the occult and symbolism, he has studied many worldwide religions and has a vast understanding in this area.

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Field Investigator

A little about Shawn…


Shawn joined the group shortly after it was formed. His passion for discovering the paranormal makes him a good thorough investigator. He was in training for almost a year learning from Eric before being promoted to an investigator. His cautious but strong approach to debunking brings a nice balance to investigations.

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Evidence/Research/Social Media

A little about Lisa…


Lisa became interested in the paranormal as a child from her personal experiences. Ever since, she has been wanting to learn more. While confidant that she did have true experiences, she still has questions and feels that she can work towards answers in the paranormal field while helping people in need. Lisa currently helps MFPS with evidence review and historical research.

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Investigator in Training

A little about Brittney…


Brittney has been interested in the paranormal since childhood, and is eager to grow and learn more about the science behind paranormal investigating with MFPS.

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Case Manager/Investigator IT

A little about Gwen…


I work at a tree service company in the HR Department. I have been interested in the paranormal and the after life since I was ten years old. I am looking forward to learning and growing with MFPS.

MFPS Note: Gwen brings a unique passion to MFPS. She will be doing research, case management and training as a field investigator. We are excited to have her join the family and look forward to watching her grow with MFPS.

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Field Investigator in Training

A little about Kim…


Kim has always been interested in the paranormal and is eager to learn more about investigating. An adjunct professor and teacher, Kim applies an analytical approach to investigations. Since the mid 90s Kim has been conducting investigations at various locations, both public and private. As humans, there in an innate need to find patterns or logic when presented with ambiguity. It is this same belief that fuels her zeal for the unexplained.

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Field Investigator

A little about Roderick…


Roderick became involved with the paranormal growing up in his Parents home. During that period of time he became aware of being Sensitive to the paranormal. He is very good at EVP analysis and technical setup and troubleshooting, He bring 20 years of professional photography experience to MFPS...

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Field Investigator

A little about Jessica…


Jessica became involved with the paranormal growing up in her great grandmother's house, and continued to be in touch with it after her aunt bought a haunted house. She has always had a passion for the paranormal and is an Empath (Emotional Sensitive). Her experiences with the paranormal and enthusiast nature makes her a good fit with MFPS. Jessica is also a Modern Languages Major and speaks 3 languages fluently and is working on learning 6 more.

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Cleveland Team

Investigator/Operations Manager

A little about Tony…


Tony's background in Meteorology and Physics along with a post graduate designation degree in Loss Control Underwriting brings a solid educational background to the team. At the age of 5, Tony had his first paranormal experience and has been independently investigating ever since. He was raised with a scientific background and understands the need to verify and repeat data for complete accuracy. Tony believes in developing new innovative experiments to capture paranormal evidence.

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Field Investigator

A little about Jennifer…


Jennifer's detailed experience with the banking and insurance industry is a great asset when it comes to case management here at MFPS. Her role as a case manager is to gather information on new cases, create case files, distribute tasks within the group and assist with on site investigations. Jennifer also manages the research department making sure the investigative team receives current and valid data for all cases.

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Field Investigator

A little about Dave…


Dave has had a strong interest in the paranormal field since high school and has pursued answers for many unanswered questions throughout his journey while doing personal investigations and speaking with others. With a strong analytical background and a degree in Computer Science, Dave hopes to find some of the answers and additional knowledge he seeks through MFPS.

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