Welcome to the new MFPS PK Division website.

Munroe Falls Paranormal Society (M.F.P.S.) is proud to introduce our Psychic Kids Division (P.K. Division). It is a group designed for children and parents to be able to meet in a friendly and supportive environment with others who share similar gifts. Participants will work with M.F.P.S personnel to educate and assist them in accepting and developing there gift. The group is free of charge and is available to any gifted child and their families. Pre-registration is required due to the confidentiality of this program. Your privacy is our utmost importance. Upon registration all details of the location and times will be disclosed. For more information please feel free to email with any questions to Jennifer Grenvik at:



Traits of the Indigo Child

- Have a feeling of deserving to be here

- They often see a better way of doing things (nonconforming to any system)

- 90% of children under 10 are Indigos

- There are 4 different types of Indigos

- Conceptual

- Artist

- Interdimensional

- Has excessive amounts of energy

- Will resist authority

- May become easily frustrated. They may have big ideas but not know any way to express them.

- Learns from an exploratory level

- Cannot sit still unless absorbed in something of their own interest.

- Recognize they have a "Wise old soul"

- If the child has been identified as a "problem", testing is essential
IQ in the superior range

- Indigos prefer to work situations out for themselves.

- Indigos tend to act out like adults and feel the need to be understood by them

- Indigos children can be easy and loving, many of them look wise and have powerful eyes

- They demand more attention and feel that life is too precious to let it fly by.

- Labeling an Indigo child as having ADD or a hyper disorder can easily lead the person to deny their inner mastery and to underestimate their abilities.


How to work with an Indigo Child

- Treat Indigos with respect

- Help them create their own disciplinary solutions

- Give them choices about everything

- Never belittle them

- Explain why you give them instructions

- Make them your partners in raising them

- If serious problems develop, get them tested before you drug them

- Provide safety in your support avoid negative criticism. Let them know you support them.

- Don't them who they are now, or who they are going to be later, they know better. Let them decide what they are interested in.

- Be a guide for your Indigo child

- Give them choices

- Listen to them. They are wise and will know things you do not

- Indigos are open and honest. If you are not open and honest with them they will still be with you, however, they will not respect you.

- They tend to only eat enough to sustain their bodies, Eating isn't a big deal for them.

- They react to cruelty, unfairness, inhumanity, stupidity, callousness and insensitivity

- They are strong willed and have a strong soul.

- They have a sense of responsibility

- As spiritual beings Indigos are equals to adults

- The greatest opportunity we have for growth is in our relationship with others. We see ourselves reflected in them and get feedback of who we are from them.