About Munroe Falls Paranormal Society.

Munroe Falls Paranormal Society (MFPS) is a non-profit group of Paranormal Investigators and Researchers based in Munroe Falls, Ohio just outside of Akron. With a collective team experience of 50+ years in paranormal research and investigation, the MFPS team brings together a professional approach to solving paranormal phenomena.

The group was formed with the initiative to seek the truth behind many types of paranormal phenomena. MFPS takes a scientific approach to all claims of the paranormal with the intent of assisting the client by researching, documenting, validating, educating and counseling throughout the investigation process. While MFPS offers its services free of charge we are still able to provide a professional quality investigative service utilizing the latest technologies and practices in the paranormal research and investigation field.

The MFPS team provides community support for home owners, property owners, business owners, historical sites or anywhere this phenomena may be reported to exist. The MFPS team consists of engineers, historians, researchers, investigators, counselors, psychics and technicians with several affiliations with other paranormal organizations through out the United States.

MFPS now supports onsite research and investigation for the entire state of Ohio, Western PA, Northern Kentucky and Northern West Virginia with US and World Wide support via email, forum and telephone including referral services to help with finding quality local assistance in non MFPS coverage areas.